10 Incredible and interesting facts about the FIFA world cup that every fan should know

30th July 1930: Jules Rimet, president of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football), presents the first World Cup trophy (the Jules Rimet Trophy) to Dr Paul Jude, the president of the Uruguayan Football Association, after Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 in the first ever World Cup final in Montevideo, Uruguay. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
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Incredible and interesting facts about the FIFA world cup
Brazilian soccer fans

Incredible and interesting facts about the FIFA world cup – The World Cup is seemingly quite possibly of the most played game on earth . Each footballer’s fantasy is to feature their abilities and method before large number of fans observing live, and billions of others completely finishing different media.

For the fans, the excellence of the game is to go to a World Cup, support their groups, and ideally bring back the prize. Nations put in offers to have the World Cup a long time ahead of time, and however just a modest bunch of nations have held the lofty occasion; like clockwork, you can see the host country go full scale and attempt to outperform the past host.

Since the World Cup began in 1930, it has offered amusement, with each release better compared to the last. The following are 25 astonishing history realities about FIFA’s most lofty occasion, the World Cup, this rundown includes a portion of the out and out surprising, amazing, and mind blowing real factors that encompass the most sought after occasion.


The most prestigious sporting event, the Football World Cup, only occurs once every four years. Both men’s and women’s national teams from different nations compete in the 32-team World Cup, which is an international soccer competition. 3.4 billion People watched the 2014 World Cup, making it one of the most viewed events ever. Football has gained popularity throughout the years and is now one of the most widely played sports in the world. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event on the calendar, and more than 200 nations participate in the year-long qualifying that determines which 32 teams will compete. 

Let us see some of the funniest and interesting facts about the FIFA world cup:


1. First-ever World Cup goal:

France’s Lucient Laurent scored the first World Cup goal ever in 1930. The host nation eventually went on to win the World Cup six times! Uruguay, Italy, West Germany, Argentina, and France accomplished the feat. With the exception of South Africa in 2010, every host nation has completed the group stage and advanced to the round of 16. 3.2 billion Viewers, or half of the world’s population, tuned in to witness the 2014 World Cup, making it one of the largest spectacles ever. The only nation in the world to have taken part in every World Cup in Brazil. Following their qualification for the 2022 FIFA in Qatar, they are now traveling to the 22nd World Cup 2022.

2. World Cup champions:

Brazil is the real superpower, despite the fact that European nations dominate the majority of World Cup scenarios! Brazil has won the World Cup five times, making it the most successful nation in the tournament’s history. With four championships apiece, Germany and Italy are tied for second. With two titles apiece, France, Argentina, and Uruguay are tied for the fourth position. There have been eight different nations to win the World Cup overall. Italy, Germany, France, England, and Spain, the winning nations, are from Europe, while Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina are from South America.

3. The First World Cup Winner:

The nation of Uruguay, which would go on to win the tournament, hosted the first-ever World Cup. Thirteen nations competed in the World Cup that year. For the first time ever, two World Cup matches were played at the same time: France vs. Mexico and the United States vs. Belgium. The World Cup has surpassed all other sporting events in terms of viewership today. The tournament was largely organized by FIFA President Jules Rimet, and Uruguay was selected as the first FIFA World Cup host based on their previous outstanding performances at the Olympics in Paris (1924) and Amsterdam (1928).

4. Uruguay defeated Yugoslavia:

 Uruguay defeated Yugoslavia by a score of six to one in the semifinals before defeating Argentina by a margin of four to two in the championship match.

5. six-to-one Argentina loss:

The United States advanced to the semifinal game against Argentina before exiting the tournament with a six-to-one Argentina loss.

6. final game between Uruguay and Argentina:

On July 30, 1930, 93,000 people watched the final game between Uruguay and Argentina; the game was viewed as a rematch of the Olympic football gold medal game from 1928. After defeating Brazil by a score of two to one in Rio de Janeiro, Uruguay would go on to win their second World Cup championship.

7. Total world cup:

Every four years, the World Cup is played out. The first World Cup competition took held in 1930, and there have now been 20 total.

8. first World Cup trophy:

The first World Cup trophy was known as the Jules Rimet Trophy, after Jules Rimet, the president of FIFA, who initiated the game in 1929.

9. Total watch time of 2014 world cup:

In 1930, Uruguay served as both the host nation and eventual champion of the first World Cup. Russia is hosting the World Cup for the first time ever in 2018. The only time England has ever hosted the competition was in 1966, the same year they became the only team to ever win it, beating Germany in a thrilling 4–2 final-minute victory. They believe the situation is finally over. 3.2 billion people, or almost half of the world’s population, watched the 2014 World Cup.

10. first World Cup to ever be hosted by two different countries:

The first World Cup to ever be hosted by two different countries was the 2002 edition, which was shared by South Korea and Japan. With five victories, Brazil currently holds the record for most World Cup victories. However, with four victories apiece, Germany and Italy are right behind them. Essam El Hadary, an Egyptian goalkeeper who participated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, is the oldest player to have ever competed in the World Cup. He is 45 years old. In his subsequent game, he saved a penalty shot from Saudi Arabia’s Fahad Al Muwallad, becoming him the oldest goalie to ever save a World Cup penalty shot.

The best and final fact about the world cup

The Coupe Jules Rimet served as the first FIFA World Cup trophy. It was developed in 1930 by Frenchman Abel Lafleur. The first World Cup game took place on July 13, 1930. Mexico and France squared off in Montevideo, Uruguay. France won 4-1. In the same game, the first World Cup goal was scored.

Frenchman Lucien Laurent scored from outside the penalty area. A fun World Cup fact is that Mexico’s Manuel Rosas holds the record for making the first-ever penalty kick on June 17, 1930. On May 27, 1934, the first World Cup game in overtime was played. After extra time, Austria defeated France 3-2 in a Round of 16 knockout matches. The 1954 World Cup, held in Switzerland, was the first event to be shown live on television.

This had a crucial role in the global expansion of soccer. In the 1970 World Cup, yellow cards and substations were used. Kakhi Asatiani of the USSR was the first player to earn a yellow card warning on May 31, 1970. They were competing against the shady Mexican squad. Viktor Serebryanikov of Russia was replaced in the same game after 46 minutes. The first replacement to take the field was Anatoli Pusatch.

The first goalie to be replaced during the match against Brazil was Steve Adamache of Romania. He was succeeded by Necula Raducanu. France and West Germany squared off in the inaugural World Cup penalty shootout in 1982. The semifinal penalty shootout was won 5-4 by the Germans. Germany won thanks to a successful last penalty kick by Horst Hrubesch.

On June 23, 1994, Gianluca Pagliuca of Italy became the first goalie to ever get a red card during a World Cup game. After 21 minutes of their match against Norway, he was ejected for handling the ball beyond the penalty area. On June 28, 1998, Laurent Blanc scored the first-ever Golden Goal in a World Cup as France defeated Paraguay 1-0.

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